11 Best Tools for HubSpot Data Enrichment in 2024

May 22, 2024

Congrats you are on the best CRM in the world!

However, your data is not up to date, and your sales are not into data entry, and I guess you are still spending too much time on spreadsheets?

Plus, I will give you my personal experience with each of them to help you decide.

Here's the ultimate guide to the 11 best data enrichment tools that seamlessly integrate with HubSpot and supercharge its capabilities.

PS: If you're on Pipedrive, it's not your fault, you can still change.

Why HubSpot Data Enrichment is Essential

Data enrichment is about refining and appending raw data sources to produce high data quality. The enriched data can give insights, from a contact's job title and phone number to their social media activity.

Here are process or workflows you can do with good data:

  • Reduce frictions with sales by better qualifying your inbound leads with external data (number of employees, revenue) without asking too many questions in your lead form.
  • Segment your new leads or subscribers to craft powerful marketing campaigns.
  • Add new insights to your deals and understand who are yourideal customer profiles (ICP),letting your GTM team focusing on the right target.
  • Improve your outreach effectiveness with better contact's information (emails and phone numbers).
  • Use customer data to power your marketing automation.
  • Craft a powerful lead scoring based on clean datasets, stop feeding machine learning models with wrong data.

I can give 10 more! But I think you are already convinced, the enrichment process is really important.

Fortunately, there are plenty of HubSpot integrations, let’s focus on the data enrichments.

Top CRM Tools with an HubSpot Integration

1. Hublead: HubSpot automation

Hublead stands out as the ultimate tool for HubSpot and LinkedIn synchronization.

Designed to eliminate the hassle of manual data transfer, Hublead's HubSpot Chrome Extension offers users the ability to swiftly import LinkedIn contacts, messages, and all crucial details directly into HubSpot, all with a single click.

Whether it's importing a new contact from LinkedIn or SalesNavigator or syncing LinkedIn messages for easy tracking in HubSpot dashboards, Hublead has got it covered.

Additionally, Hublead enriches HubSpot with detailed prospect information from LinkedIn, including job titles, email addresses, company data, and more.

A real-time check also ensures there's no duplication, allowing sales and marketing teams to navigate HubSpot seamlessly within LinkedIn. It's not just an integration; it's an enhancement of both platforms for maximum efficiency.

Hublead HubSpot native integration


  • Free version with limited features
  • 30$/month to import unlimited LinkedIn contacts and LinkedIn messages
  • 60$/month to supercharge all LinkedIn contacts with emails and phone numbers
hublead pricing

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A pivotal tool for B2B enterprises, LinkedIn's Sales Navigator is an invaluable asset for modern businesses seeking to tap into expansive professional networks.

This tool offers seamless integration with HubSpot, empowering users to harness the depth of LinkedIn's data.

With real-time data enrichment capabilities, it aids in pinpointing prospective leads by filtering through job titles, company names, and various other criteria.

This synergy between HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator ensures that marketing and sales teams are always equipped with actionable insights to tailor their outreach and marketing campaigns effectively.

HubSpot LinkedIn native integration explained


  • Sales Navigator Core Professional: $99/month per user
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Team: $149/month per user
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Enterprise: starts at $1600/year per user
linkedin sales navigator pricing

3. Clearbit: Data enrichment

Recognized for its prowess in data intelligence, Clearbit stands out by offering instantaneous data enrichment for contacts within HubSpot. Drawing from a myriad of data sources, such as social media profiles, job positions, and contact numbers, it enriches HubSpot contact properties comprehensively.

Coupled with its automation workflows, Clearbit guarantees that your HubSpot CRM remains consistently refreshed, ensuring sales and marketing teams have precise and timely information at their fingertips for every outreach.

HubSpot Clearbit native integration


They do not communicate their pricing for every product but for Enrichment product here's their pricing:

  • $99/ month for 275 API requests
  • $199/ month for 550 API requests
clearbit pricing

4. Storelead

When it comes to data enrichment, Storelead stands out with its unique offerings tailored for the modern business. Integrated seamlessly with HubSpot CRM, this platform offers a vast array of data points that can transform the way sales teams approach potential leads.

One of Storelead's primary features is its ability to provide real-time updates. Whenever there's a change in a lead's job title, phone number, or any other contact information, Storelead ensures that the HubSpot contact details are instantly updated. This saves businesses a significant amount of time and ensures data accuracy.

Pro tips: I personnaly use it when I want to target companies with certain technologies, I can create easily contacts lists of decision makers using Stripe for example.

HubSpot Storelead native integration


  • Premium plan at $75/month
  • Pro plan at $250/month
  • Elite plan at $450/month
  • Enterprise plan at $950/month
storeleads pricing

5. BuiltWith

Equipping sales teams with insights on prospects is crucial.

BuiltWith enhances sales intelligence by allowing teams to familiarize themselves with a prospect's platform before engaging, thereby boosting conversion rates through validated market adoption data.

Further solidifying its position as a market leader, BuiltWith offers advanced technology market share statistics and country-specific analytics.

Their comprehensive eCommerce data, tracking over 2,500 technologies across 26 million eCommerce sites, provides detailed attributes from revenue and spend to social media counts and employee figures.

BuiltWith HubSpot native integration


  • Basic plan at $295/month
  • Pro plan at $495/month
  • Team plan at $995/month
buildwith pricing

6. ZoomInfo: Contact information

As a prominent player in the data enrichment landscape, ZoomInfo offers a depth of customer insights, covering everything from basic demographic information to granular contact details. Leveraging its extensive and continually updated database, ZoomInfo's lead enrichment capabilities ensure that HubSpot users have access to the most current and actionable contact data.

This not only aids sales and marketing teams in creating targeted outreach campaigns but also ensures that CRM data quality remains consistently high, facilitating more informed decision-making across the board.

Pro tips: Using Zoominfo allows you to refine and update your HubSpot contacts, minimizing the chances of having duplicated contacts.

ZoomInfo HubSpot native integration


Unfortunately they do not communicate pricing, you will need to get a sales demo and have a custom pricing.

However according to factors.ai, this could be ZoomInfo pricing:

  • Profession plan:  $8,000+ per year
  • Advanced plan: $12,000+ per year
  • Elite plan: $40,000+ per year
zoominfo pricing

7. Apollo: Emails provider

Apollo.io is an integrated platform designed to supercharge sales teams with enriched data and actionable insights. It seamlessly combines databases, workflows, and engagement into one cohesive system, enabling businesses to identify and connect with their ideal customers more effectively.

With its robust data enrichment tools, Apollo.io provides real-time updates, ensuring your CRM always has the most up-to-date contact and company information, from job titles to social media profiles. This all-in-one solution prioritizes accuracy and efficiency, making it indispensable for data-driven sales and marketing campaigns.

Pro tips: We use Apollo to enrich companies and find decision makers when our leads reach a certain lifecycle stage such as MQL or Opportunity.

Apollo HubSpot native integration


  • Free plan with basic features
  • $59/ month per user
  • $99/ month per user
  • $119/ month per user
apollo pricing

8. Datagma: Phones provider

Datagma is a premier tool revolutionizing businesses with advanced B2B data enrichment capabilities. It specializes in delivering accurate mobile phone numbers, verified work emails, and detailed company insights. From Fortune 500 companies to burgeoning startups, businesses across the spectrum rely on Datagma for its real-time data integration and enrichment features.

Whether through API, file uploads, or their efficient Chrome extension, Datagma ensures you have comprehensive details, including job title changes and company data points, right at your fingertips.

This platform not only keeps your CRM, like HubSpot, continually updated but also provides actionable intelligence to optimize outreach and lead scoring, making it indispensable for modern businesses.

Datagma HubSpot native integration


  • Free plan for 160 emails/month
  • $39/month for 3 750 emails/month
  • $69/month for 8 000 emails/month
datagma pricing

9. Zapier: Data management

Zapier emerges as the quintessential tool for those seeking to effortlessly collate information from a myriad of sources. Its core strength lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate and pull data from various platforms, be it Google Sheets, databases, or other software applications.

At the heart of Zapier is its mission to centralize data, eliminating the need for manual transfers or redundant tasks.

Its user-friendly interface and vast array of integrations make it the go-to solution for businesses aiming to consolidate their data streams and automate workflows. In a world inundated with information, Zapier ensures you have the right data, right when you need it, all in one place.

Zapier HubSpot native integration


  • Free plan: up to 100 tasks/month
  • Starter plan: up to 1 500 tasks/month for $58/month
  • Professional plan: up to 2 000 tasks/month for $73/month
  • Team plan: up to 5 000 tasks/month for $178/month
zapier pricing

10. Salesforce

Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, has revolutionized the way businesses manage and engage with their customers. But what happens when you need to merge the powerful functionalities of Salesforce with the inbound prowess of HubSpot? The answer lies in seamless integration.

With a few simple steps, organizations can effortlessly pull data from Salesforce into HubSpot, ensuring that all pertinent customer information, sales data, and engagement metrics are synchronized and accessible in real-time.

This synergy not only amplifies the efficiency of sales and marketing campaigns but also enhances lead scoring, segmentation, and personalized outreach. By bringing together the strengths of Salesforce and HubSpot, businesses can ensure a cohesive, 360-degree view of their customers, enabling more actionable insights and informed decision-making.

Salesforce HubSpot native integration


  • $25/month for the Start Plan
  • $80/month for the Start Professional Plan
  • $80/month for the Service Professional Plan
  • $1 250/month for the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
salesforce pricing

11. Segment: Customer data

Segment, a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP), seamlessly integrates with HubSpot, ensuring that businesses aren't restricted to manual uploads or traditional lead forms. Through Segment, every customer interaction, from web to mobile, is automatically captured and synchronized in real time with HubSpot.

Beyond data synchronization, Segment allows businesses to channel custom behavioral events directly to HubSpot, facilitating in-depth reports and dynamic workflows.

The result? A streamlined, no-code solution that keeps every customer touchpoint updated across various platforms.

Pro tips: Using Segment can significantly enhance your understanding of lead origins, whether from Facebook, Google, custom campaigns, or offline events. It's an invaluable tool that pinpoints revenue sources, complementing the "Original Source" property in HubSpot.

Segment HubSpot native integration


  • Free version, includes 1 000 visitors per month
  • $120/month for 10 000 visitors per month
  • > $500/month for more than 10 000 visitors per month
segment pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HubSpot do data enrichment?

Yes, HubSpot offers robust data enrichment capabilities, allowing users to automatically update and enhance contact profiles with relevant information sourced from its extensive database.

What is an example of data enrichment?

Adding a contact's job title and company details based on their email address is data enrichment.