Mastering HubSpot LinkedIn Integration for Sales Growth

June 11, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with HubSpot enhances sales prospecting by providing precise targeting, insightful lead data, direct outreach capabilities, and an organized leads list management system within the HubSpot CRM.
  • LinkedIn Ads can be integrated with HubSpot campaigns for targeted ad creation and performance tracking, using UTM parameters and smart lists for real-time adjustment and audience engagement within HubSpot’s analytical framework.
  • HubSpot LinkedIn integration streamlines contact management by importing LinkedIn contacts, syncing LinkedIn messages to HubSpot, enriching contact profiles with detailed LinkedIn data, and promoting collaboration using shared connections and mutual relationship-building strategies.

Does HubSpot integrate with LinkedIn?

Yes, you can integrate HubSpot with LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn quickly with different integrations to boost your ROI.

hubspot linkedin sales navigator integrations: native vs third party tools

Prospecting is the lifeblood of sales, and integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with HubSpot offers several benefits:

  • Equips your sales team with a high-precision targeting system
  • Provides a wealth of insightful lead data
  • Offers direct outreach capabilities
  • Streamlines leads list management system

This integration puts all these features right at your sales team’s fingertips. Let’s explore how the combined strength of these tools can give your sales efforts a competitive edge in the bustling marketplace.

Insightful Lead Data at Your Fingertips

Have you ever wished for a crystal ball to reveal insights about your leads? With HubSpot’s integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it’s almost like having one. Access job titles, company news, and other critical information directly within HubSpot contact and company records.

Navigate effortlessly to sections containing LinkedIn information, where the ‘Icebreakers’, ‘Get introduced’, and ‘Related leads’ tabs open doors to enriched sales conversations. This treasure trove of data not only informs but also transforms your approach to prospecting.

hubspot sales navigator save linkedin contacts

Direct Outreach with InMail Integration

Send InMail directly from HubSpot

The power to send InMails without leaving the HubSpot platform is a game-changer for sales outreach. Imagine crafting personalized messages to your LinkedIn prospects and sending them directly from HubSpot. Not only does this cut down on the time spent switching between platforms, but it also keeps your communications neatly organized within HubSpot’s CRM for a full-circle view of your prospect interactions.

And with the HubSpot mobile app, this convenience extends beyond the desktop, allowing sales tasks to travel with you.

Syncing LinkedIn Messages to HubSpot

Regrettably, the standard integration cannot import messages.

However, Hublead integration enables the logging of LinkedIn messages with HubSpot, preserving data from LinkedIn interactions, automating message logging into the CRM.

Install the chrome extension and click on "Sync messages" button into each conversation, allowing you to sync LinkedIn messages to HubSpot in 1 click.

Sync LinkedIn Messages to HubSpot to LinkedIn

Depending on your subscription, Hublead can automatically synchronize messages whenever you initiate a chat with leads.

Editing HubSpot Properties via LinkedIn

Integration tools like Hublead allow you to edit all HubSpot properties directly from your LinkedIn interface, a significant advantage.

This facilitates workflow efficiency by enabling direct updates to properties from LinkedIn.

Connect HubSpot to LinkedIn

Lead Generation with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads List

Lead Generation with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads List

A cluttered leads list can be as daunting as a haystack when you’re searching for that golden needle. LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s integration with HubSpot brings order to chaos, empowering sales teams to segment and manage leads with precision.

Use the ‘Save in Sales Navigator’ feature to categorize leads within HubSpot, and watch as the Sales Navigator Leads List simplifies the hunt for additional prospects in the Related Leads and Recommended Leads tabs at the same company. It’s prospecting made efficient, targeted, and, dare we say, enjoyable.

Enriching Contact Profiles with LinkedIn Data

import linkedin contacts to hubspot with linkedin data

There’s something almost magical about having a comprehensive view of your contacts. With HubSpot’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, you can see LinkedIn profile details within HubSpot records, painting a complete picture of your leads and customers. This integration pulls in data like job titles, company details, and industry information, enriching your contact profiles and providing a well-rounded context for your outreach strategies.

With tools like Hublead, you can:

This not only improves sales but also decreases data entry and allows for the sending of automated drip sequences to new connections through marketing automation.

Building Targeted Campaigns Using LinkedIn Data

Combining LinkedIn Sales Navigator with HubSpot CRM gives a detailed view of lead and account profiles, enables LinkedIn data access within HubSpot, and allows direct sending of InMails from contact and company records. This streamlines campaign targeting and personalization efforts.

Using LinkedIn’s advanced targeting and segmentation tools, you can create highly targeted and effective campaigns within HubSpot.

Setting up HubSpot LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

The integration of HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be established in just a few easy steps. Requirements include having a Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise seat and a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced or Advanced Plus account.

hubspot linkedin sales navigator integration account requirements

Requirements Checklist

Acquiring a Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise seat on HubSpot offers access to supplementary features within your HubSpot account, including the HubSpot Marketplace. Some of these features include:

  • Advanced search filters
  • The capability to save searches
  • Personalized insights
  • Tools for identifying promising opportunities when past customers transition to new companies
  • Notifications when contacts depart from an ongoing deal
hubspot linkedin sales navigator integration app marketplace

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced or Advanced Plus accounts also offer similar features to help enhance your sales efforts, including access to valuable LinkedIn Sales Navigator information for sales teams.

Connecting Your Accounts

To link your HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Go to HubSpot’s ‘All Integrations’ and search for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  2. Select ‘View Integration’.
  3. Proceed to go through the authentication process with LinkedIn.
  4. Once this is successfully completed, you will be able to start syncing data between the two platforms.

HubSpot and LinkedIn Tools

A variety of third-party tools exist to bolster the combination of HubSpot and LinkedIn. Tools such as LinkMatch and Hublead provide supplementary features and capabilities that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of utilizing LinkedIn with HubSpot CRM.

Third-Party Extension Highlights

Extensions such as Hublead and LinkedHub facilitate a thorough and smooth integration of LinkedIn with HubSpot, including features like profile importing, message syncing, and contact record enhancement that are absent in the standard integration. Other tools like Hubris and LinkPort also offer similar functionalities, enhancing the overall integration experience.

Here's our quick comparison between native and third party integrations:

Criteria Native Integration Hublead Integration
LinkedIn data Provides insights on contact record Sync to HubSpot data
Send InMails Yes No
List Building tools Available Available
Save LinkedIn Profiles Not possible Yes
Contacts records enrichment No Yes with emails and phone numbers
Companies records enrichment Yes Yes
Log LinkedIn Invitations Not possible Yes as custom event or in CRM Card
View LinkedIn outreach performance Not possible You can view your invitation acceptance rate and message reply rate
HubSpot in LinkedIn No properties displayed You can view and edit any properties
Message syncing Not synced Can be synced, semi or automatically
Compatibility with plans Requires Sales Navigator Team plan & HubSpot Sales Pro for some features Works with free or any Sales Navigator plans
Cost No extra cost Varies by tool & plan
Easy Integrations No API key needed No API key needed

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Needs

The choice of tool for linking HubSpot with LinkedIn Sales Navigator should be guided by your unique needs. Factors to consider include:

  • The tool’s capability to display LinkedIn data within HubSpot
  • The ability to send InMails
  • Lead management features
  • Activity tracking capabilities

Hubris, LinkMatch, LinkPort & LinkedHub alternatives

  • LinkMatch makes it easy for users to import LinkedIn Sales Navigator information.
  • LinkedHub is limited to importing contacts, you pay according the number of contacts you want to import per month. And does not support LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Hubris: Imports contacts and companies but does not support LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • LinkPort: Import only contacts.

Here's a quick comparison table for these tools.

LinkedHub Hubris LinkMatch LinkPort Hublead
Import Contact
Data Enrichment
Sync Messages
HubSpot Properties
Easy Integration
Pricing 💰💰 💰💰 💰💰💰 💰 💰💰

Integrating LinkedIn Ads with HubSpot for Marketing Success

A cohesive marketing strategy can be achieved by combining LinkedIn Ads with HubSpot. This integration allows marketers to:

  • Track the effectiveness of LinkedIn Ads directly within HubSpot
  • Gain insights and data on the performance of LinkedIn Ads
  • Use this data to inform and optimize their marketing strategy
LinkedIn Ads campaigns in HubSpot

By combining these two platforms from the same company, marketers can create a more cohesive and informed marketing strategy.

Conversion Tracking and Measuring Impact

HubSpot’s integration with LinkedIn Ads allows for robust tracking and reporting of key performance indicators including:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Spend
  • Conversions

These metrics can be monitored to evaluate the influence of LinkedIn Ads on the sales pipeline and assess the effectiveness of advertising spend.

Creating Cohesive Ad Strategies Across Platforms

Linking LinkedIn Ads with HubSpot offers the following benefits:

  • Identify highly specific target audiences within HubSpot that can be seamlessly synced with LinkedIn Ad campaigns
  • Create a unified ad strategy across platforms
  • Comprehensive ROI tracking
  • Cross-network reporting

The next page of this guide is about How to import LinkedIn Contacts to HubSpot, enjoy our tutorial and use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HubSpot have LinkedIn integration?

There is no direct LinkedIn to HubSpot integration, but there are tools available to easily copy data from LinkedIn to your HubSpot CRM database, saving time and frustration. So, while it may not be a seamless integration, there are workarounds to sync data between the two platforms.

How do I import LinkedIn connections to HubSpot?

You can import LinkedIn connections to HubSpot by exporting your LinkedIn connections as a CSV file or by using a Chrome extension like Hublead, which helps you directly import your LinkedIn connections and update your HubSpot contact list automatically.

Can I customise the data that is synced between LinkedIn and HubSpot?

Yes, you can customize the data that is synced between LinkedIn and HubSpot by mapping fields. You can choose which LinkedIn fields are mapped to which HubSpot fields, allowing you to control the data that is synced.

Can I integrate LinkedIn to HubSpot if I don't have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account?

Yes, you can integrate LinkedIn to HubSpot without a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. Hubleads provides a chrome extension to integrate Linkedin to Hubspot and Hubspot to Linkedin.

How do I use LinkedIn integration for my HubSpot?

Within HubSpot, you can create email templates tailored for LinkedIn outreach. These templates can include icebreakers based on a prospect's LinkedIn profile, such as recent posts, mutual connections, or shared interests. By utilizing these templates, you ensure consistent messaging while still allowing for personalization, making your outreach more effective and engaging.

How do I get my LinkedIn messages on HubSpot?

To sync your LinkedIn message history to HubSpot, go to your LinkedIn profile, click on the "sync" or "properties" option, and then click on the sync button at the bottom of the side panel.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn and HubSpot together?

No more outdated database in your CRM, better targeting and segmentation based on LinkedIn data.

How do I integrate LinkedIn with HubSpot?

Install the Hublead Chrome extension. Navigate to LinkedIn and start importing contacts with a single click using the Hublead button. Sync LinkedIn messages to HubSpot, and Hublead will automatically synchronize new messages. Hublead's AI-powered algorithm can help find emails & phone numbers, and it checks in real-time if a LinkedIn contact already exists in HubSpot to avoid duplicates.