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Say goodbye to manual data entry, and focus on reaching your sales target instead.
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Reliable HubSpot LinkedIn Integration for sales teams of all sizes

HubSpot LinkedIn Integration in 1-click

Accelerate your outreach by importing LinkedIn profiles to HubSpot contacts swiftly—eliminate data entry and enhance your CRM workflows and automations.Upgrade your lead generation with precise contact information, creating targeted contact lists for effective marketing automation.

How to Connect LinkedIn to HubSpot

Download our Chrome Extension

Click on "Sign Up", download our Chrome extension and connect LinkedIn with HubSpot.

Import LinkedIn Contacts to HubSpot

Visit LinkedIn profiles and save contact record with a single click. We ensure no duplicate HubSpot contacts are created in your CRM.

Sync LinkedIn Messages & InMails

Import LinkedIn messages on a daily basis in HubSpot. Categorized as 'LinkedIn message', you can locate in your HubSpot data easily.

Configure HubSpot CRM enrichment

Improve your lead generation by integrating Kaspr, Lusha, Rocket Reach & Apollo to find relevant contact information, without the complexity of APIs or Zapier.
Add LinkedIn contact to HubSpot

Transform LinkedIn browsing into lead generation

Our extension add a 'Add to CRM' button to import contacts with rich contact details in HubSpot, making every LinkedIn profile a potential lead.

Sync LinkedIn messages to HubSpot

Capture LinkedIn Conversations in HubSpot

Click once to log every LinkedIn chat directly into HubSpot as a LinkedIn activity.

Track all interactions—emails, calls, LinkedIn chats—guaranteeing no dialogue slips through. Monitor LinkedIn interactions with ease, all within HubSpot.

linkedin data in hubspot

Connect HubSpot with LinkedIn data

With our extension, secure verified emails and phone numbers directly in HubSpot. No more Zapier expenses, thanks to seamless integration with top external tools.

End manual data entry. Let your team engage leads on LinkedIn, email, and InMails with effective icebreakers.

Edit HubSpot contact properties from LinkedIn

Access HubSpot Info on LinkedIn

By linking their LinkedIn profiles to HubSpot via Hublead, they gain immediate access to HubSpot contact details right on LinkedIn, streamlining outreach efforts.

Edit HubSpot properties on-the-go and craft LinkedIn audiences for precise marketing campaigns.

Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator search to HubSpot

HubSpot LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Use Hublead to pull in top contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator right into HubSpot. No more typing in details by hand.

Find new leads fast, keep contact info fresh, and sync up InMails to keep your HubSpot data spot-on, making your sales team's job easier.

Top-Rated HubSpot LinkedIn Integration

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are prospecting faster with our HubSpot plugin.

"Easy to import contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, keep my HubSpot data clean, I love it!"

Marion Gurtekin Client Testimonial
Marion Gurtekin
Head of Sales, Shine

"As a sales professional, I found that Hublead eliminates the nightmare of data entry."

Simon Robert Client Testimonial
Simon Robert
CEO, Wan Ten

"So helpful! It's exactly what I was looking for to get LinkedIn connections and messages into HubSpot."

Damien Breneliere Client Testimonial
Damien Breneliere
CEO, Mailreach

"I can't overstate how much of a game-changer Hublead has been for me!"

Jules Lemeunier Client Testimonial
Jules Lemeunier
Sales Manager, Bigblue

"Best HubSpot LinkedIn integration I used, easy to integrate with HubSpot!"

Gautier Tubert Client Testimonial
Gautier Tubert
Growth Hacking, eFounders

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