How to Import LinkedIn Contacts to HubSpot CRM

Bastien Paul
Bastien Paul
June 11, 2024

Now that you know how HubSpot LinkedIn integrations can make finding new leads easier.

Let's deep dive in how you can import contacts from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.

Can I import LinkedIn contacts to HubSpot?

To import LinkedIn contacts into HubSpot, you can either export your LinkedIn connections as a CSV file or use a Chrome extension like Hublead.

Hublead helps by directly importing your LinkedIn connections and automatically updating your HubSpot contact list.

how can i import linkedin contacts to hubspot

This makes your CRM smoother with updated HubSpot contacts and helps set up smart automations and workflows for your enterprise.

Export your LinkedIn Connections in CSV

Before your sales team can prospect, it's essential to have your LinkedIn contacts in HubSpot CRM.

Create Your Import File

To retrieve your LinkedIn connections:

  1. Navigate to the Me icon on your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Choose Settings & Privacy from the dropdown menu.
    Find in LinkedIn Settings & Privacy
  3. Select the Data privacy option on the left sidebar.
  4. In the How LinkedIn uses your data section, opt for Get a copy of your data.
    linkedin get a copy of your data
  5. Click on Want something in particular? and choose the data files of interest.
    linkedin select export connections
  6. Highlight LinkedIn Connections.
  7. Press Request archive.
  8. Confirm by entering your password and selecting Done.
  9. An email will be sent to your primary address containing a link to download your connections list.
    download linkedin data archive gmail email

Mapping HubSpot Contact Information Fields

The CSV should have a header row, and each column header should correspond to a property in HubSpot, check how to set up your import files.

Quick overview on the format of the file:

  • Acceptable formats: .csv, .xlsx, or .xls.
  • Limitations: Under 250,000 entries/rows and size below 150MB.

Meanwhile there is not mandatory properties to create HubSpot contacts properties we think it's better to have these essential properties:

  • First Name (Do not forget to remove smileys!
  • Last Name (Here also!)
  • Email (Remove the free mails, here is a list of free mails)
  • Company Name

In the LinkedIn export, you will get also these columns:

  • LinkedIn URL
  • Job title
  • Connected On

You can add also manually:

  • Connection degree (Obviously everyone will be 1rst)
  • Contact source (Your network or other people network in your company)

You can also create a HubSpot static or active list to retrieve these contacts, I prefer active list based on Connection degree property.

Now Import the file and it will create company records and add new leads in your HubSpot CRM with every contact info.

HubSpot CRM LinkedIn Integration with Chrome Extension

Finding new contacts on LinkedIn can take time, but with Chrome extension such as Hublead it gets easier.

Letting your salesforce add new contacts to your HubSpot without any complex steps, needing an API or Zapier.

It's the perfect be sales assistant to update contact info and company records in HubSpot!

This makes your LinkedIn prospecting smoother and integrates easily with your HubSpot account.

Create LinkedIn Contacts with HubSpot Integration

Leverage HubSpot functionality with Hublead, it is a connector that allows you to capture your LinkedIn connections with your HubSpot portal.

Our HubSpot LinkedIn Chrome Extension, you can:

  1. Verify if a LinkedIn lead already exists in your HubSpot CRM (it is based on LinkedIn URL, full name, job title, company name and domain)
  2. Import LinkedIn connections directly into HubSpot with all contact information.
  3. We also create the right companies in your HubSpot for each contact with an email or domain name.

import linkedin contacts to hubspot with chrome extension

Our tool will prevent duplicated contacts in HubSpot and also companies, our AI-powered search automation will show you on LinkedIn who is in HubSpot or not.

Check our pricing here.

HubSpot LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Hublead enhances your experience on Sales Navigator.

Just like on LinkedIn, we introduce the 'Add to CRM' button, enabling a swift import of Sales Navigator contacts to HubSpot.

Additionally, we ensure all LinkedIn data is seamlessly integrated into HubSpot for a unified experience.

import linkedin sales navigator contacts to hubspot

It is the best HubSpot connector on the market for LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, more powerful than Hubris, LinkPort, LinkMatch or Linkedhub.

Create file from LinkedIn Sales Navigator search

Exporting leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Excel is streamlined with the use of specific Chrome extensions, like Evaboot.

export leads from linkedin sales navigator to excel

Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator search

Here's a brief overview of the process:

  1. Install a Evaboot’s Chrome Extension: First, you need to install a Chrome extension designed for this purpose. After installation, an “Export” button appears at the top of your lead lists in Sales Navigator.
  2. Exporting Leads: Clicking the “Export” button allows you to export your leads and their contact information into a spreadsheet.
  3. Data Cleaning and Verification: They also verify the leads against your search filters, ensuring accuracy and reducing false positives.
  4. Exportable Data: The data you can export includes LinkedIn profile details, company page data, emails, and phone numbers. This comprehensive data is useful for building complete lead profiles in your CRM or for outreach campaigns.
  5. Limitations and Compliance: There are limitations to the number of leads you can export per day to ensure account safety and compliance with LinkedIn's policies.

These process make lead generation more efficient and GDPR-compliant, as opposed to using databases.

View LinkedIn data in HubSpot CRM

When you import in HubSpot CRM, it will creates the correct HubSpot contact with your personalized contact info and company records associated.

It's a powerful way to build a precise and clean lead list for your marketing and sales efforts.

Next chapter is about how to log your LinkedIn messages to HubSpot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customise the data that is synced between LinkedIn and HubSpot?

Yes, you can customize the data that is synced between LinkedIn and HubSpot by mapping fields. You can choose which LinkedIn fields are mapped to which HubSpot fields, allowing you to control the data that is synced.

Can I integrate LinkedIn to HubSpot if I don't have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account?

Yes, you can integrate LinkedIn to HubSpot without a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. Hubleads provides a chrome extension to integrate Linkedin to Hubspot and Hubspot to Linkedin.

How do I integrate LinkedIn with HubSpot?

Install the Hublead Chrome extension. Navigate to LinkedIn and start importing contacts with a single click using the Hublead button. Sync LinkedIn messages to HubSpot, and Hublead will automatically synchronize new messages. Hublead's AI-powered algorithm can help find emails & phone numbers, and it checks in real-time if a LinkedIn contact already exists in HubSpot to avoid duplicates.

Bastien Paul
Bastien Paul
Bastien is the CRO of Hublead. With over 5 years in marketing and sales, using Hubspot, Bastien has written several studies and marketing guides based on data, many of which are well-known in the industry. Bastien likes to question standard marketing and sales beliefs and aims to make things simpler and more efficient.
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