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Email finder on LinkedIn for HubSpot users

HubSpot Email Finder on LinkedIn

Enrich your HubSpot contact

On LinkedIn, simply click the "Find email" button to retrieve a contact's email. This will automatically sync with HubSpot, eliminating the need to manually input it there.

Only relevant emails

We're committed to delivering precision with our email-finding service. Users receive exclusively professional emails that match the targeted company.

Verified Emails

We prioritize email accuracy. We provide only those emails that we're 95% confident will function correctly, safeguarding your domain from bounces and ensuring that HubSpot contains only reliable data.

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View LinkedIn data in HubSpot CRM

The best HubSpot data enrichment automation

Unified Tools, Teamwide Access

In our dashboard, you can configure permissions, allowing your entire team to enhance their contacts using the same tools. There's no requirement for everyone to install each tool individually.

Advanced Contact Enrichment System

During contact import, we enhance the contact using the tools you've linked, ensuring we retrieve the correct email with the appropriate domain and phone numbers. This process involves a systematic check across all your connected apps.

Imported in HubSpot

Let us handle the data entry; we guarantee no information is lost, with everything stored in HubSpot. Immediately send emails and make calls directly from HubSpot.

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Connect HubSpot to data enrichment tools

After connecting with any of your apps, when importing contacts via Hublead, we'll request these tools for phone numbers and emails. We also verify if the email aligns with the domain of the company you're prospecting and ensure its validity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 1 email credit mean?
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Using one email credit with the "Enrich" button fetches an external email for your HubSpot contact from sources like and, beyond LinkedIn.

How to find a person's phone number for free?
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Go to her LinkedIn contact page and click on 'Add to CRM', Hubead will search and display the phone number for free if the phone number is on the contact page.

How do you find emails & phone numbers?
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We get contact details from the LinkedIn contacts, we also use external enrichment tools such as Kaspr, Dropcontact or Lusha. It depends of your pricing plan.

Can you export phone numbers from LinkedIn?
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Yes, you can export phone numbers from LinkedIn contact page with our Chrome extension, we get the contact details in the 'Contact section', we also find emails & phone numbers from other sources.