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CRM details appear on the prospect's LinkedIn profile, allowing all team members to view and modify the CRM data directly from that location.
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View LinkedIn data in HubSpot CRM

Add HubSpot properties on LinkedIn profiles

Enhance your LinkedIn experience by integrating HubSpot properties directly onto profiles.

This seamless fusion allows for a richer understanding of your connections, bridging the gap between two powerful platforms.

With this integration, every LinkedIn profile you view is enriched with valuable HubSpot insights, ensuring you always have the most relevant information at your fingertips.

View LinkedIn data in HubSpot CRM

Edit HubSpot properties from LinkedIn

Streamline your workflow by editing HubSpot properties directly from LinkedIn.

This integration offers a seamless blend of functionality, allowing you to update and manage data without toggling between platforms.

With this feature, LinkedIn becomes an extension of your HubSpot dashboard, ensuring real-time data accuracy and efficiency.

Import LinkedIn contacts to HubSpot CRM

Change HubSpot company of the contact on the fly

Experience unparalleled flexibility with the ability to change a contact's associated HubSpot company on the go.

This feature ensures that as relationships evolve and change, your data remains up-to-date without missing a beat.

By integrating this capability, you can swiftly adjust company associations directly from LinkedIn, making data management more dynamic and responsive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import LinkedIn connections to HubSpot?
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You can import LinkedIn connections to HubSpot by exporting your LinkedIn connections as a CSV file or by using a Chrome extension like Hublead, which helps you directly import your LinkedIn connections and update your HubSpot contact list automatically.

Connect HubSpot to LinkedIn with Hublead

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