Cookie policy

July 17, 2024

We prioritize the protection of your personal data, viewing it as a cornerstone of trust and integrity, whether it involves "cookies" or other identifying information.

Our "Cookies" Policy is designed to clarify the use of "Cookies" during your navigation on our site. Please note, this policy specifically addresses "Cookies" and not other data processing activities. For comprehensive details on our data handling practices, refer to our Privacy Policy available on our website.

Understanding Cookies

While visiting our website ("the Website"), various cookies, pixels, tags, and trackers ("Cookies") may be placed on your computer.

A cookie is a small, often encrypted file saved in your browser or device, identifiable by a unique name. It's created upon visiting a website or app, with subsequent visits prompting the Cookie's retrieval from your browser or device, ensuring the site or app recognizes your browser each time.

Installing these Cookies may allow us to access your browsing data and/or personal data related to you.

Cookie Identification

We might utilize Audience Analysis Cookies, and you'll be informed about this during your initial visit if such cookies are employed. You'll then have the option to accept or reject them based on the outlined terms.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

Certain cookies, like technical or functional cookies essential for the Website's functionality, and some audience measurement cookies, don't need your consent.

Other cookies, including Audience Analysis Cookies, do require your consent. You have the freedom to accept or reject these cookies during your first visit to the Website.

Your consent choices will be remembered for 6 (six) months, with the option to withdraw consent or alter your preferences at any time through the provided link.

You can also adjust your browser settings to accept or reject specific Cookies, with each browser offering its unique configuration options.

Contact Information

For detailed information on our data processing practices, our Data Protection Officer ("DPO") is available to assist you at

Reaching Out to the CNIL

You can contact the French data protection authority, CNIL, at any time at: Service des plaintes de la CNIL, 3 place de Fontenoy – TSA 80751, 75334 Paris Cedex 07 (France), or by phone at +331.

Policy Updates

Our "Cookies" Policy may be updated to reflect new legal requirements or processing activities. Any changes will be communicated to you, ensuring you're always informed about how we manage cookies.