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Let Hublead handle the busy work so you can focus on moving the needle. Rapidly import and update contacts (and companies) from LinkedIn to HubSpot—then watch your leads roll in.

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Utilize our email discovery tool or connect with third-party data enrichment services to significantly increase your chances of locating accurate email addresses and phone numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information Hublead imports when I add a new contact?
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Hublead will import:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Job title
  • Profile picture
  • City
  • Country
  • LinkedIn URL
What does 1 email credit mean?
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Using one email credit with the "Enrich" button fetches an external email for your HubSpot contact from sources like and, beyond LinkedIn.

Do you create a new company for every new contact imported?
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It depends, when importing contacts, we search in HubSpot if the company already exists in your CRM thanks to website URL. If it does exist, we just import the contact and associates the contact to the company, otherwise we create the company.

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