Build contacts lists on HubSpot thanks to LinkedIn data

July 8, 2024

Locating Imported Contacts

Once you import a contact into HubSpot via Hublead, you can find them using specific HubSpot properties like 'Original Source', 'Original Source Drill Down 1', and 'Original Source Drill Down 2'.

hubspot original source imported by hublead

Filtering Contacts

Create a filter in your HubSpot contact view using 'Original Source Drill Down 2 = 1451878'. This helps you easily identify contacts imported through Hublead.

hubspot contact view imported by hublead

Creating Lists and Workflows

  • You can create a HubSpot list for these specific contacts for better organization.
identify hublead imported contacts
  • Set up a workflow in HubSpot to automatically add new contacts with this source to sequences, particularly useful for HubSpot Sales Enterprise users.
Hublead new contact created entering in hubspot workflow

Alternatively, create a list of these contacts, check who isn't in a sequence, and manually add them in batches (e.g., 25 at a time) to a sequence either from the list or directly in HubSpot.

Reporting on contacts creation

Generate reports to track how many contacts each sales representative has imported, providing insights into team performance and import activity.

hubspot report on number of contact import with hublead

This process ensures efficient management and tracking of contacts brought into HubSpot through Hublead, enhancing your sales and marketing efforts.