Prospect's birthday notification

June 14, 2024

To import a prospect's birthday into HubSpot, follow these steps:


  • Ensure you're connected with the prospect on LinkedIn.
  • Your prospect's birthday is available on LinkedIn.
  • Import the prospect into HubSpot using Hublead. This can be done by creating a new contact, linking to an existing HubSpot contact, or refreshing the contact if they're already imported.

Find prospect's birthday in HubSpot

Hublead will import the birthday data into two specific HubSpot properties on the contact profile:

  • Upcoming Birthday (Hublead): This shows the date of the birthday for the current year.
  • Date of Birth: This is the raw birth date data from LinkedIn.
hubspot birthday prospect property

The 'Upcoming Birthday' property is automatically updated on a monthly basis.

Setting up Tasks and Slack notifications in HubSpot:

  1. Create a contact-based workflow in HubSpot.
  2. Start by selecting "Try delay until date action."
  3. Set the trigger for task creation.
  4. Add an action to create a task.
  5. Include a Slack notification if desired.

With this setup, you'll be notified about your prospect's upcoming birthday, helping you maintain a personal touch in your business relationships.