HubSpot Training Guide

Follow of HubSpot training guide to get the basics, no need to pay for onboarding to understand how to use HubSpot and make the most of.
Chapter 1: Master HubSpot Contact (Views, Lists, Properties)
Dive into HubSpot contacts (defaults & customs) and discover the essentials of its Contact feature. Understand its value, use, and how it can boost your CRM strategy.
Chapter 2: How to Use HubSpot Lifecycle stage
Maximize your sales and marketing efforts with a deep dive into Lifecycle Stages. Understand and master customer journey to boost conversions in HubSpot.
Chapter 3: How to use HubSpot Lead Status
Master your sales process with HubSpot CRM by optimizing lead status vs lifecycle stages, sales team workflows, all integrated with automation for efficiency.
Chapter 4: Download and Set HubSpot Google Chrome Extension
Use HubSpot sales tools and download HubSpot Google Chrome Extensions: Sales for Gmail and LinkedIn for Google Browser. Automatically log emails and messages.