8 Top HubSpot Workflow Examples for Marketing and Sales Process

Bastien Paul
Bastien Paul
April 11, 2024

Discover how to simplify your marketing and sales operations with our curated HubSpot workflow examples. Gain insights into automating tasks, nurturing leads, and closing deals more effectively, directly impacting your bottom line.

Key Takeaways

  • HubSpot workflows automate and optimize the lead management process, including distribution based on criteria, equitable round-robin assignment, and immediate lead notifications for efficient follow-up and increased chances of conversion.
  • Automated emails through HubSpot workflows nurture leads by delivering targeted content, with educational drip campaigns to establish industry expertise and re-engagement campaigns to reconnect with inactive contacts.
  • HubSpot workflows enhance the sales process by automating deal progression, generating tasks for timely follow-up, and notifying teams of deal closings, thereby maintaining productivity and momentum in the sales pipeline.

Streamlining Lead Assignment

Workflow automation

Efficiency in lead management is not just desirable; it’s imperative. By harnessing the capabilities of HubSpot workflows, the cumbersome task of lead assignment is not only automated but also optimized. Leads are the lifeblood of any sales process, and ensuring they’re handled by the most suitable sales rep is critical.

Let’s dive into how workflows can turn the chaos of lead management into a refined, well-oiled machine by exploring some workflow examples and understanding the importance of workflow settings.

Lead Distribution Based on Criteria

Imagine a lead from Paris with a penchant for luxury goods landing straight into the lap of a sales rep who specializes in the European luxury market. This is the magic of distributing leads based on specific criteria such as geographic territory or product interest. By setting triggers and utilizing ‘Update Property’ actions, HubSpot workflows not only distribute qualified leads efficiently but ensure a personalized touch, enhancing the chances of conversion.

Round-Robin Lead Assignment

The fairness of opportunity can drive sales teams to greater heights. With round-robin lead assignment, HubSpot workflows impartially distribute leads among sales reps, ensuring an equitable workload. This systematic approach prevents burnout and fosters a competitive yet balanced sales environment, maintaining high morale and productivity across the team.

Immediate Lead Notification

When a high-priority lead, defined by your lead scoring, comes knocking, time is of the essence. Immediate lead notifications ensure that sales reps are alerted without delay, allowing them to engage with hot leads swiftly by phone, email and LinkedIn, discover how to set up a powerful HubSpot LinkedIn integration. By configuring workflows to send email or app notifications, as well as internal notifications, sales reps receive comprehensive data to facilitate successful initial conversations, striking while the iron is hot.

Nurturing Leads Through Automated Emails

Nurturing leads through emails

Nurturing leads is akin to tending a garden; it requires consistent attention and care. To nurture leads effectively, HubSpot workflows come to the rescue with automated emails that deliver targeted, personalized content. You can use the lifecycle stage property to trigger this kind of workflow.

By nurturing leads systematically, businesses can foster growth, leading to increased revenue and deeper engagement with potential customers.

Drip Campaigns for Education

Knowledge is power, and power drives engagement. Through educational drip campaigns, businesses can:

  • Establish themselves as industry experts
  • Offer valuable insights and actionable content
  • Leverage if/then branches and personalization tokens in HubSpot workflows to ensure that each email in the series resonates with the recipient

This paves the way for a more informed and engaged customer base.

Re-engagement Campaigns for Inactive Contacts

Rekindling old flames can reignite interest. Re-engagement campaigns target inactive contacts with a tailored approach that acknowledges their absence, offers personalized recommendations, and provides incentives to return.

With a sequence that progresses from emotive ‘We Miss You’ emails to final reminders, HubSpot workflows strive to win back those who have drifted away.

Enhancing Sales Process with Deal Stage Automation

Deal stage automation

Advancing deals through stages can be a meticulous process, but HubSpot workflows make it effortless. By automating deal progression, sales reps can focus on what they do best—selling. Let’s explore how deal stage automation not only streamlines the sales process but also ensures that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Task Generation for Follow-Up

As a deal progresses, the need for timely follow-up intensifies. HubSpot workflows and sales automation work together to automate repetitive tasks, such as task creation, prompting sales reps with the right actions at the right time. This level of automation guarantees that each deal receives the necessary attention, nurturing it towards a successful close.

Closing Deal Alerts

The sound of a closing deal is music to a sales team’s ears. HubSpot workflows keep the rhythm by sending real-time alerts when deals are won. These notifications serve as a pulse for the sales process, providing instant insights into the team’s successes and maintaining a constant flow of celebratory momentum.

Optimizing Form Submission Follow-Ups

Form submission follow-ups

The moment a prospect submits a form is a moment of opportunity. HubSpot workflows capture this opportunity by automating follow-up actions, delivering relevant assets, and nurturing leads with additional content.

This swift and systematic follow-up is paramount in converting interest into engagement.

Instant Thank-You Messages

A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way in building customer loyalty. Instant thank-you messages, tailored to the new customer’s interaction, foster an immediate connection.

HubSpot workflows ensure that this crucial step in relationship building is not overlooked, but rather, delivered with precision and personalization through the use of an inactive contact hubspot workflow.

Qualification and Routing

Directing leads to the right sales team member can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. HubSpot workflows qualify and route leads efficiently, using criteria like territory or product interest to ensure that leads are handled by the person best suited to meet their needs.

Lifecycle Stage Progression Workflows

Lifecycle stage progression

Understanding where a lead is in the buyer’s journey allows for tailored engagement strategies. HubSpot workflows automate the progression of lifecycle stages, ensuring that leads are always moving forward and receiving the appropriate marketing attention.

Automated MQL Identification

Identifying marketing qualified leads (MQLs), coming from LinkedIn ads for example, is crucial for efficient resource allocation. HubSpot workflows streamline this process by scoring leads based on their engagement, automatically advancing those who meet the criteria to marketing qualified lead status, and further nurturing them towards becoming a sales qualified lead.

Transitioning MQLs to SQLs

The journey from MQL to SQL is a critical transition that requires strategic nurturing. HubSpot workflows facilitate this by delivering personalized email sequences tailored to each lead’s interactions, thereby refining their qualification status and preparing them for sales engagement.

Customer Onboarding and Success Workflows

First impressions count, especially when onboarding new customers. HubSpot workflows automate the onboarding process, delivering a personalized and consistent experience that sets the foundation for a successful and long-lasting customer relationship.

Welcome Email Series

A well-crafted welcome email series can significantly increase customer retention and revenue. HubSpot workflows enable the automated delivery of a sequence of welcome emails, each carefully timed to maintain engagement and build upon the initial connection made at sign-up.

Post-Purchase Satisfaction Surveys

Feedback is the cornerstone of improvement, and post-purchase satisfaction surveys provide just that. HubSpot workflows send these surveys at optimal times, ensuring that customers have had a chance to fully experience the product or service before sharing their insights, which can then be leveraged to enhance future offerings.

Utilizing Workflows for Event Management

Events are a fantastic way to engage with prospects and customers, but managing them can be daunting. HubSpot workflows simplify this by automating the following tasks:

  • Sending personalized invitations
  • Sending reminders
  • Tracking RSVPs
  • Managing event registrations
  • Sending post-event follow-ups

With HubSpot workflows, you can ensure that every event is a success, thanks to the support of customer success teams and the expertise of a service hub professional.

Automated Event Reminders

Ensuring that registered attendees actually show up is critical. HubSpot workflows reduce no-shows by automatically sending event reminders, keeping the event top-of-mind and increasing the likelihood of a high turnout. As a result, workflow’s enrollment rate increases.

Post-Event Engagement

The end of an event is just the beginning of further engagement opportunities. HubSpot workflows maintain the momentum by automating the delivery of:

  • follow-up emails
  • additional materials
  • nurturing leads
  • deepening relationships with attendees.

Sales and Marketing Alignment via Workflows

The alignment of sales and marketing is paramount for business success. As a sales hub professional, you’ll find that HubSpot workflows bridge the gap between these two critical functions, streamlining processes, and increasing productivity through strategic automation and collaboration.

Lead Scoring and Handoff

A well-defined lead scoring system ensures that only the most engaged leads are passed from marketing to sales. HubSpot workflows facilitate this transition smoothly, with automated notifications alerting sales reps to take immediate action on high-scoring leads.

Feedback Loop Creation

Continuous improvement is key in sales and marketing alignment. HubSpot workflows create feedback loops that enable both teams to refine their strategies based on real-world data and collaborative insights, ensuring that the lead handoff process is as effective as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes HubSpot workflows so efficient in lead assignment?

HubSpot workflows automate lead assignment using specific criteria, such as geographic territory or product interest, to ensure leads are handled by the most suitable sales rep, streamlining follow-ups and increasing the chances of conversion. This makes the lead assignment process efficient and effective.

What are workflows used for in HubSpot?

Workflows in HubSpot are used to reduce user error when sending emails and following up with leads, as well as to scale marketing initiatives efficiently. They prevent the need for manually repeating tasks for every contact.

What is the difference between a sequence and a workflow in HubSpot?

In HubSpot, the main difference between a sequence and a workflow is the type of emails they send. Sequences send sales emails from your connected inbox, while workflows use marketing emails for automation. Both can be customized in the email editor.

How do I organize my HubSpot workflows?

To organize your HubSpot workflows, create folders and move the workflows into them. Simply enter the folder name, select the workflows, and move them into the designated folder.

Bastien Paul
Bastien Paul
Bastien is the CRO of Hublead. With over 5 years in marketing and sales, using Hubspot, Bastien has written several studies and marketing guides based on data, many of which are well-known in the industry. Bastien likes to question standard marketing and sales beliefs and aims to make things simpler and more efficient.
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