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Meet Bastien Paul. As the CEO & Co-founder of Hublead, he shares how brands using HubSpot to accelerate growth, make better decisions, and win more deals through reality-based sales insights, not guesswork.
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Who is Bastien?

Bastien Paul is not just the CEO and co-founder of Hublead; he's in the digital marketing and tech space, dedicated to transforming CRM integration with LinkedIn through HubSpot. His journey from a digital marketer to a tech-savvy entrepreneur showcases his knack for bridging the gap between marketing needs and technological solutions.

At the heart of Bastien's approach is a deep-seated belief in creating products that resonate on a human level, making technology accessible and meaningful. His self-taught mastery in SQL, JavaScript, and Node.js reflects his commitment to innovation and his role in scaling startups from their infancy to robust growth phases.

Bastien's passion for learning is evident in his voracious reading habit, diving into three books a month to stay at the forefront of marketing and business strategies. This continuous pursuit of knowledge fuels Hublead's mission to streamline sales processes and enhance CRM usability, making sales engagements more impactful.

With a global perspective gained from living across continents, Bastien brings a unique blend of cultural insights and business acumen to Hublead.


  • CEO and Co-founder of Hublead, revolutionizing CRM integration with LinkedIn through HubSpot.
  • Over 5 years of experience in digital marketing and technology, with a proven track record of driving growth in startups.
  • Spearheaded the development of Hublead, leading the company from inception to a leading position in the HubSpot integration space.
  • Self-taught expert in SQL, JavaScript, and Node.js, emphasizing the importance of technical skills in marketing.
  • Played a pivotal role in scaling a startup from 4 to 100+ employees, significantly increasing its valuation from Seed to Series A funding.
  • Passionate about continuous learning, reading three books a month to stay ahead in marketing and business strategies.