The Best HubSpot Integrations for Your Business in 2024

Bastien Paul
Bastien Paul
March 7, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Maximize productivity and optimize operations with top HubSpot integrations for data management, sales & marketing teams, customer relationship management (CRM), project collaboration, onboarding & retention.
  • Leverage powerful tools such as Google Sheets/Analytics integration to automate workflows, Mailchimp for email marketing, RollWorks ABM and Calendly for targeting leads. Salesforce for personalized coupon tracking.
  • Enhance user experiences with Userpilot integration while optimizing website performance via Lucky Orange heat maps & session recordings, all integrated into HubSpot CRM.

Top HubSpot Integrations for Data Management

Illustration of data management with HubSpot integrations

The value of data cannot be overstated in today’s digital landscape. It drives decision-making, fuels customer engagement, and is the backbone of a successful marketing strategy. HubSpot integrations for data management are designed to automate sales workflows, effectively manage HubSpot contacts, and provide insightful reports, all while saving you precious time.

The top integrations in this category include Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, all available via the HubSpot App Marketplace.

Google Sheets and HubSpot Integration

HubSpot integrates with Google Sheets with their native integration.

You can create or update any rows on any Google Sheet from HubSpot workflows, no need to use Zapier to update your sheets anymore.

The benefits of this integration include a streamlined workflow, enhanced data analysis capabilities, improved collaboration, and the potential to automate data-related processes.

hubspot integrations with Google Sheet

Most Used Features

  • Directly access and manipulate HubSpot data (such as Original Source) within Google Sheets
  • Build custom reports
  • Perform data hygiene
  • Run processes like territory mapping
  • Manage data in Google Sheets

Google Analytics and HubSpot Integration

By integrating Google Analytics with HubSpot, your Google Analytics account links with HubSpot, offering in-depth insights into website and app performance.

HubSpot integrations Google Analytics

Most Used Features

  • Analysis of visitor behavior
  • Conversions and events from website

Empowering data-driven decision-making and optimization of marketing efforts for your sales team.

With access to Google Analytics data, your team can make more informed decisions and improve overall performance.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator and HubSpot Integration

HubSpot can be integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to boost outbound prospecting performance and sales outreach initiatives.

HubSpot integrations LinkedIn sales navigator

Most Used Features

You can also learn more on how to better integrate LinkedIn and HubSpot with our guide.

Essential HubSpot Integrations for Sales and Marketing Teams

Illustration of essential HubSpot integrations for sales and marketing teams

Sales and marketing teams form the beating heart of any business, driving revenue, customer acquisition, and brand awareness. HubSpot integrations offer essential tools for these teams, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively, target the right prospects, and schedule appointments seamlessly.

The key players in this domain are Mailchimp, LinkedIn Ads, and Calendly.

Mailchimp and HubSpot Integration

The integration of HubSpot with Mailchimp offers a robust combination for email marketing and contact management.

HubSpot integrations MailChimp

Most Used Features

  • A more streamlined workflow
  • Enhanced data analysis capabilities
  • Improved collaboration and sharing options
  • The potential to automate data-related processes

LinkedIn Ads and HubSpot Integration

Designed to assist businesses in pinpointing and targeting their ideal customers, LinkedIn Ads is a sophisticated account-based marketing platform that integrates seamlessly with HubSpot. Learn more from our LinkedIn Ads guide for HubSpot users.

HubSpot integrations LinkedIn ads

Most Used Features

  • HubSpot’s proficiency in segmenting
  • Engaging high-value accounts.

Calendly and HubSpot Integration

HubSpot can be integrated with Calendly, a robust appointment scheduling tool, to automate the process of creating or updating HubSpot CRM contacts and scheduling meetings.

HubSpot integrations Calendly

Most Used Features

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Ensures your database remains up to date with the latest meeting information.

HubSpot Integrations for Effective Customer Relationship Management

Illustration of effective customer relationship management with HubSpot integrations

In the age where customer is king, developing and maintaining strong customer relationships is paramount. HubSpot integrations for customer relationship management are designed to enhance sales outreach, customer service, and lead qualification. The big names in this category include Salesforce, Zendesk, and Drift Chatbot.

Salesforce and HubSpot Integration

By integrating HubSpot with Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management solution, sales teams gain access to essential customer data, enabling them to prioritize outreach and close deals.

HubSpot integrations Salesforce

Most Used Features

  • Personalized coupon tracking
  • A more efficient workflow.

Zendesk and HubSpot Integration

The integration of HubSpot with Zendesk, a top-rated customer service software, merges call center software with CRM capabilities. It is a good alternative to the HubSpot Chatbot but expansive.

HubSpot integrations Zendesk

Most Used Features

  • Enabling personalized customer service by utilizing detailed customer data within the HubSpot CRM.

Drift Chatbot and HubSpot Integration

HubSpot can be integrated with Drift Chatbot, a conversational AI solution, to qualify leads, schedule meetings, and monitor customer chat information.

HubSpot integrations Drift

Most Used Features

  • Monitor crucial context from deals and marketing campaigns
  • Updates by utilizing HubSpot CRM data.

Boost Team Collaboration with HubSpot Integrations for Project Management

Illustration of team collaboration with HubSpot integrations for project management

Project management is a critical aspect of any business, requiring efficient collaboration and real-time data syncing across teams. HubSpot integrations for project management are designed to enhance these aspects, featuring integrations with Slack, Unito, and Asana.

Slack and HubSpot Integration

HubSpot can integrate with Slack, a widely used team collaboration tool, to enable bi-directional data movement and collaboration on daily tasks.

hubspot sales integration

Most Used Features

  • Creating tasks, converting messages to notes.
  • Facilitating easy information sharing across departments.

Unito and HubSpot Integration

HubSpot can integrate with Unito, a no-code workflow management tool, facilitating the creation and management of workflows while synchronizing data in real-time with other tools.

HubSpot Integrations Unito

Most Used Features

Asana and HubSpot Integration

By choosing to integrate HubSpot with Asana, a project management platform, tasks can be automated and projects managed using HubSpot workflows.

asana hubspot integration

Most Used Features

  • Project Management

HubSpot Integrations to Optimize Onboarding and Customer Retention

Illustration of optimizing onboarding and customer retention with HubSpot integrations

Onboarding and customer retention are two critical areas that play a significant role in the success of a business. HubSpot integrations offer solutions to optimize these areas, featuring integrations with Userpilot, Lucky Orange, and Automated Coupon.

Userpilot and HubSpot Integration

Integrating your HubSpot account with Userpilot, a digital adoption platform, enables two-way data transfer between the HubSpot platform and Userpilot, fostering customer relationships and driving product growth.

userpilot hubspot integration

Most Used Features

  • Personalized user experiences
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Empowering users through education.

Lucky Orange and HubSpot Integration

By integrating HubSpot with Lucky Orange, a website optimization platform, you can access website optimization tools like session recordings and heat maps.

lucky orange hubspot integration

Most Used Features

  • User behavior and make informed optimizations to your website.

Automated Coupon and HubSpot Integration

Automated Coupon, a HubSpot application, integrates with HubSpot to generate personalized coupon codes and monitor their performance in the CRM.

HubSpot integrations Automated Coupon

Most Used Features

  • Automatically rewarding customers with gift cards when specific conditions related to customer engagement, such as form submissions and email interactions, are met.


To summarize, HubSpot integrations are invaluable tools for businesses looking to streamline processes, boost productivity, and enhance customer relationships. Whether it’s data management, sales and marketing, customer relationship management, project management, or onboarding and customer retention, there is a HubSpot integration designed to optimize it.

By leveraging these integrations, businesses can unlock the full potential of HubSpot and achieve greater success.

Do not miss also our list of the best HubSpot data enrichment tools and the best HubSpot Chrome extensions.

Remember, the right integration can transform your business processes, saving you time and resources while boosting your bottom line.

So why wait? Explore the HubSpot App Marketplace today and find the perfect integration for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HubSpot integration?

HubSpot integration enables data to be passed between HubSpot's COS and external/internal systems. This is a valuable tool for businesses that require multiple applications to achieve their goals, streamlining workflows and creating a more efficient business environment.

How many integrations are there in HubSpot?

HubSpot offers over 1,000 integrations in its App Marketplace that enable data sharing, automation, and other useful features. Additionally, Make lets you connect HubSpot with 1500+ popular apps in just a few clicks, as well as access a no-code toolkit with the generic HTTP app to connect to any app or service with an API.

Are HubSpot integrations free?

HubSpot offers a free email integration with its CRM, as well as the Zapier integration which requires a Zapier account. Certain apps integrated with Zapier may require a paid subscription.

What CRM is better than HubSpot?

Close, Freshsales, Zoho Corporation and Pipedrive are all powerful alternatives to HubSpot which offer full email integration, call logging/recording, good APIs, marketing and sales tools, analytics, integrations and other features. These solutions provide comprehensive customer relationship management platforms with outstanding features and competitive pricing.

What are the benefits of integrating Google Sheets with HubSpot?

Integrating Google Sheets with HubSpot offers simplified backup, seamless migration, and automatic contact list updates, allowing for easier management of HubSpot CRM data.

Bastien Paul
Bastien Paul
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