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Import LinkedIn contacts in your HubSpot CRM

Start in a few clicks

Create an account online in minutes and connect your HubSpot account in 2 clicks. You can now use our Chrome extension!

Add contacts unlimited LinkedIn contacts

Import any contact information you want on LinkedIn in just 1-click. Our search automation will find contacts in your HubSpot CRM to prevent duplicate contacts.

Use HubSpot automation

Spend time on your prospects, building relationships and convincing them to buy your products. Leave the manual process to workflow, focus on lead generation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Our Chrome extension also supports Sales Navigator, you can import as many contacts as you want without worrying about duplicates.
Import LinkedIn contacts to HubSpot CRM

Transform LinkedIn browsing into lead generation

Our extension insert a 'Add to CRM' button to import contacts with rich contact details in HubSpot, making every LinkedIn profile a potential lead.

Sync LinkedIn messages to HubSpot

Capture LinkedIn Conversations in HubSpot

Click once to log every LinkedIn chat directly into HubSpot as a LinkedIn activity.

Track all interactions—emails, calls, LinkedIn chats—guaranteeing no dialogue slips through. Monitor LinkedIn interactions with ease, all within HubSpot.

View LinkedIn data in HubSpot CRM

Connect HubSpot CRM with LinkedIn data

With our extension, secure verified emails and phone numbers directly in HubSpot. No more Zapier expenses, thanks to seamless integration with top external tools.

End manual data entry. Let your team engage leads on LinkedIn, email, and InMails with effective icebreakers.

Edit HubSpot contact properties from LinkedIn

Access HubSpot Info on LinkedIn

By linking their LinkedIn profiles to HubSpot via Hublead, they gain immediate access to HubSpot contact details right on LinkedIn, streamlining outreach efforts.

Edit HubSpot properties on-the-go and craft LinkedIn audiences for precise marketing campaigns.

Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator search to HubSpot

HubSpot LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Use Hublead to pull in top contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator right into HubSpot. No more typing in details by hand.

Find new leads fast, keep contact info fresh, and sync up InMails to keep your HubSpot data spot-on, making your sales team's job easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import LinkedIn contacts into HubSpot?
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With Hublead, you can import LinkedIn contact details to HubSpot contacts, it matches all LinkedIn fields to HubSpot properties. Just click on "Add LinkedIn contacts" and the data will automatically be imported to your HubSpot account.

Can I sync LinkedIn to HubSpot?
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With Hublead, you can import InMails into HubSpot contact and company records. It also import LinkedIn & Sales Navigator contacts directly to HubSpot by clicking on "Add to CRM" on any LinkedIn & Sales Navigator contacts.

How do I add LinkedIn profiles to HubSpot?
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With Hublead, go to any LinkedIn or Sales Navigator profiles and click on "Add to CRM", it will sync LinkedIn contacts directly to HubSpot contact record.

Connect HubSpot to LinkedIn with Hublead

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