Import decision makers to HubSpot in 1-click

With Hublead, effortlessly add LinkedIn contacts directly to your HubSpot—no manual data entry required.
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View HubSpot contact from LinkedIn

Identify LinkedIn contacts already in your HubSpot

Browse LinkedIn profiles and Hublead instantly identifies matching HubSpot contacts by their LinkedIn URL or name and company info, allowing for quick data updates with just one click.

Import LinkedIn contacts to HubSpot CRM

Import LinkedIn profile to HubSpot in 1-click

Import quickly new contacts with our "Add to CRM" button or update your current HubSpot contacts with our "Link" button.

Select the right company for HubSpot from LinkedIn

Choose the correct title and company

As you begin the process of importing LinkedIn contacts, if your prospect has several current companies you'll be able to select to update correctly your HubSpot.

View LinkedIn data in HubSpot CRM

Sync LinkedIn data to HubSpot

This ensures that all pertinent LinkedIn data, including Name, Job title, Company, Website, City, and Country, is seamlessly transferred to your CRM.

Add HubSpot contact property to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Edit HubSpot properties from LinkedIn

No more tab switching, you can edit HubSpot contacts on the fly, while you're browsing and be focus on prospecting.

Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator search to HubSpot

Best Sales Navigator Integration

Hublead enhances your experience on Sales Navigator. Just like on LinkedIn, we introduce the 'Add to CRM' button, enabling a swift import of Sales Navigator contacts to HubSpot.

Additionally, we ensure all LinkedIn data is seamlessly integrated into HubSpot for a unified experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import LinkedIn contacts into HubSpot?
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With Hublead, you can import LinkedIn contact details to HubSpot contacts, it matches all LinkedIn fields to HubSpot properties. Just click on "Add LinkedIn contacts" and the data will automatically be imported to your HubSpot account.

Can I sync LinkedIn to HubSpot?
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With Hublead, you can import InMails into HubSpot contact and company records. It also import LinkedIn & Sales Navigator contacts directly to HubSpot by clicking on "Add to CRM" on any LinkedIn & Sales Navigator contacts.

How do I add LinkedIn profiles to HubSpot?
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With Hublead, go to any LinkedIn or Sales Navigator profiles and click on "Add to CRM", it will sync LinkedIn contacts directly to HubSpot contact record.

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