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Hublead Chrome extension connects LinkedIn to HubSpot in 1-Click. Track LinkedIn messages & LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMails automatically to HubSpot CRM.
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Sync LinkedIn messages to HubSpot

Log LinkedIn Messages in HubSpot

Our Chrome extension is designed for sales professionals, making LinkedIn a more powerful tool. Easily import LinkedIn conversations into HubSpot, cutting down on manual data entry and save time.

Selectively import conversations from LinkedIn, whether from contact pages or inboxes. For those with 'Business' accounts, enjoy automatic syncing of LinkedIn messages to HubSpot.

This integration tool targets the needs of sales teams, ensuring a smooth flow between LinkedIn social media interactions and your HubSpot CRM. It's ideal for generating new leads and managing LinkedIn connections, enhancing contact engagement and efficiency.

HubSpot LinkedIn Message on HubSpot contact view

HubSpot CRM activities tagged as LinkedIn Message

Our Chrome extension unlocks the power of LinkedIn within HubSpot. Utilize LinkedIn messages for more effective marketing automation and spot new opportunities through enhanced sales prospecting.

This tool is accessible regardless of your HubSpot account tier, allowing unlimited import of LinkedIn conversations. Easily locate these activities in HubSpot, organized alongside emails and calls for efficient follow-up management.

Your entire sales team gains access to comprehensive conversation histories on contact records. This ensures continuity and prevents loss of crucial target information, even if a salesperson leaves or shifts focus away from a deal.

HubSpot LinkedIn Messages report

Track LinkedIn Messages on HubSpot CRM

Enhance your CRM capabilities with our tool that accurately tags LinkedIn activities in HubSpot. This feature allows you to generate insightful reports and dashboards, offering a deeper understanding of your LinkedIn engagement. Configure various reports to track:

  • The number of new conversations initiated.
  • Daily conversation counts.
  • Individual and team performance metrics.

This integration bypasses the need for external tools like Zapier, seamlessly linking your LinkedIn profiles and HubSpot contacts. It's an invaluable asset for salesforce efficiency and refining your marketing automation strategies based on real-time LinkedIn interactions.

Sync LinkedIn Sales navigator InMails to HubSpot with Hublead

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Our integration connects LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly to HubSpot, simplifying your lead generation process. Effortlessly import conversations from your Sales Navigator inbox or while exploring potential contacts.

We also facilitate the import of InMails, enhancing your outreach capabilities. This integration is ideal for enterprises focusing on inbound strategies, allowing for targeted lead generation based on job titles, company names, and other LinkedIn data.

Make the most of your HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator tools to discover and engage with new contacts more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to import LinkedIn conversations automatically?
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Yes whenever your open a chat on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator, Hublead will sync LinkedIn messages to HubSpot automatically.

How can I generate a report for LinkedIn messages?
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To generate a report on LinkedIn messages, you can either use a single object report or the custom report builder, focusing on activities tagged as LinkedIn activity. Choose the creation date as your primary filter and segment the data by owners (your sales representatives) for a detailed breakdown. For a step-by-step guide, click here.

How do I choose which LinkedIn messages to import?
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We only import messages from conversations where you clicked on 'Sync conversation'.

How many HubSpot activities do Hublead create for a conversation?
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We create an activity for each day where messages were sent. If you and your prospect sent 3 messages in 1 day, we only create 1 activity.

How do I log LinkedIn messages to HubSpot?
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With Hublead, you can log LinkedIn conversations to HubSpot in 1-click, every messages we create in HubSpot are tagged as LinkedIn activities.

Can you integrate LinkedIn messages with HubSpot?
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Absolutely, LinkedIn messages can be integrated with HubSpot. Utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator alongside HubSpot for seamless InMail and data access. For a more comprehensive solution, Hublead imports messages directly into HubSpot, centralizing your communication.

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