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Hublead Chrome extension connects LinkedIn to HubSpot in 1-Click. Track LinkedIn activities & LinkedIn Sales Navigator automatically to HubSpot CRM.
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View LinkedIn data in HubSpot CRM

Synchronize LinkedIn directly in HubSpot CRM

Our Chrome extension integrates a button into every LinkedIn profile you view, allowing for instant contact addition.

This ensures that all pertinent LinkedIn data, including Name, Job title, Company, Website, City, and Country, is seamlessly transferred to your CRM.

If available on the profile, we also capture their email and phone numbers.

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Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator search to HubSpot

Best Sales Navigator Integration

Hublead enhances your experience on Sales Navigator. Just like on LinkedIn, we introduce the 'Add to CRM' button, enabling a swift import of Sales Navigator contacts to HubSpot.

Additionally, we ensure all LinkedIn data is seamlessly integrated into HubSpot for a unified experience.

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Sync LinkedIn invitations to HubSpot

Import LinkedIn invitations in HubSpot CRM

Easily import your LinkedIn invitations directly into your HubSpot CRM, streamlining your networking efforts and keeping all your contacts in one place.

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