LinkedIn activities in HubSpot

Bastien Paul
Bastien Paul
June 14, 2024

1. Create a Single Object Report

A. Click on "Add Report" on any Dashboard to create a new report.

hubspot add report

B. Click on "Single Object".

hubspot create single object report

2. Configure your HubSpot Report

A. Select "Activities" to create a report based on activities.

hubspot create activitie object report

B. Select HubSpot properties

  • Activity date (Data of the messages sent on LinkedIn)
  • Acitivity assigned to (HubSpot owner who logged the conversation)
  • Communication body (content of the conversation)

You can of course display more HubSpot properties!

hubspot select propertie report

C. Select a new filter "Activity Type" is any of LinkedIn Message

hubspot select filter report

3. Configure your HubSpot Report

A. Add your HubSpot properties to the chart

  • Select "Column" as Chart Type.
  • In "Displaying" add: Activity Type & Activity assigned to.
  • In "Measured by add "Count of activities"
hubspot visualize report

B. Make you report easier to analyse

  • Select Weekly in "Frequency"
  • Select "Stacked" in "Display options"
hubspot report frequency

4. Get more insights from your report

A. Click on any week.

hubspot report get details

B. You can now see the conversation details.

hubspot highlight report