The Ultimate Guide to connect LinkedIn to HubSpot

Bastien Paul
Bastien Paul
June 7, 2024

Trying to sync LinkedIn with HubSpot but lost in the details? Cut through the confusion with our no-fluff guide on linking LinkedIn to HubSpot. We’ll show you how to connect these platforms, why it’ll boost your workflow, and pinpoint the features that will give you an edge in sales and marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn to HubSpot integration streamlines data flow and engagement strategies, automating tasks such as lead capture and personalized messaging while enriching HubSpot with LinkedIn’s lead generation tools.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator within HubSpot provides detailed lead and company insights, facilitates direct communication via InMail, and enhances marketing strategies with features like TeamLink and Relationship Explorer.
  • Users can effortlessly import LinkedIn contacts into HubSpot using tools like the HubLead Chrome extension, automate marketing processes, share content directly, and manage tasks via HubSpot’s mobile app.

Maximize Efficiency with LinkedIn to HubSpot Integration

Illustration of LinkedIn and HubSpot logos intertwined

Efficiency is not just about doing things faster; it’s about doing them smarter. Integrating LinkedIn with your HubSpot account opens a gateway to streamlined workflows, where data flows seamlessly, and engagement strategies are effortlessly synchronized. LinkedIn Sales Navigator, nestled within HubSpot, offers a panoramic view of your contacts, providing insights and opportunities at your fingertips. The beauty of this integration lies in the harmonious dance between LinkedIn’s vast networking landscape and HubSpot’s robust CRM capabilities.

Imagine having the power to automate work, from capturing leads on LinkedIn to crafting personalized outreach messages, without leaving the comfort of your HubSpot dashboard. Third-party tools have made this a reality, enabling you to:

Benefits of LinkedIn to HubSpot Integration

Dive into a world where your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system isn’t just a repository of contact details but a dynamic hub of interaction and engagement. By syncing CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you create a fluid exchange of information, ensuring that every piece of data you gather is put to work, enhancing your marketing strategies and customer interactions. The integration also addresses a gap in HubSpot’s arsenal, equipping it with the robust lead generation tools that LinkedIn is known for. This synthesis not only streamlines your workflow but also fortifies your outbound scenario capabilities, leading to superior customer relationship management.

The seamless data exchange and alignment foster an environment where your LinkedIn data enriches your HubSpot account with up-to-date insights on your prospects and customers. It’s like having a round-the-clock assistant who ensures that every interaction with your LinkedIn connections is reflected in your HubSpot activities, automatically updating your CRM records to reflect the most current state of your relationships.

How to Set Up LinkedIn to HubSpot Integration

Embarking on the journey to integrate LinkedIn with HubSpot is akin to setting the coordinates for a successful marketing mission. Before ignition, ensure you have the necessary permissions to access both your LinkedIn and HubSpot account settings, establishing a solid foundation for the connection. The launchpad for your integration expedition is located within the Ads settings of your HubSpot account, where the ‘Connect account’ button eagerly awaits your command.

Choosing LinkedIn from the list of ad networks is like selecting your travel companion for this adventure. With a few clicks, you’ll be prompted to log into your LinkedIn account, where you’ll grant HubSpot the authority to manage your ads and sync data, solidifying the integration and setting the stage for a new era of marketing automation with HubSpot and LinkedIn.

Harness the Power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Illustration of a magnifying glass over a LinkedIn Sales Navigator interface

Strap in as we dive into the heart of LinkedIn – Sales Navigator – a tool that empowers you with unlimited searches, breaking free from LinkedIn’s commercial use limit and opening the door to a universe of leads. With a staggering 45 search filters and the ability to craft Boolean searches, Sales Navigator becomes your personal guide in the quest for highly targeted leads, ensuring that every outreach is precise and every connection request is strategic.

Not only can you navigate the rich seas of potential contacts, but you can also:

  • Set sail towards specific company shores with account searches, uncovering businesses that align perfectly with your criteria
  • Sales Navigator sends alerts about key activities, providing you with the intel to engage at just the right moment
  • With InMails at your disposal, you can bypass the need for a mutual connection and speak directly to potential leads, propelling your networking capabilities to new heights.

Access Rich LinkedIn Data in HubSpot

Harnessing the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator within HubSpot, you can view rich LinkedIn information right on your contact records, painting a vivid picture of each individual’s professional landscape, from their job title to the company they proudly represent. The integration doesn’t stop at individuals; company records in HubSpot are also infused with LinkedIn data, showcasing industry, size, and location at a glance.

And when it comes time to engage, there’s no need to switch between applications. You can compose and send InMail messages to your LinkedIn contacts directly from HubSpot. This capability ensures that every interaction is strategic and purposeful, even though the conversation isn’t automatically logged in the record’s timeline. Moreover, these communications are not overlooked in the grand scheme of things, as LinkedIn messages are included in HubSpot’s reporting under ‘Team activity totals’, ensuring a holistic view of your team’s efforts.

Leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator Insights

Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers the following benefits:

  • View LinkedIn insights within contact and company records
  • Stay updated on job moves or promotions of your contacts
  • Refine your approach to each engagement based on continuous updates

This LinkedIn integration injects a dose of intelligence into your HubSpot activities, allowing you to have the finesse of a master strategist.

Sales Navigator offers more than just data; it’s a bridge to meaningful connections. Here are some key features:

  • TeamLink reveals who within your organization can introduce you to key players in your target accounts
  • Relationship Explorer spotlights potential connections
  • Insights include crucial information like headcount, growth trends, and lead interests

These features are the keys to personalized outreach and effective prospect engagement.

Import LinkedIn Contacts to HubSpot Effortlessly

Illustration of a seamless data transfer between LinkedIn and HubSpot

Transitioning your LinkedIn contacts into your HubSpot account can often feel like an uphill battle. Manually importing them can be a lengthy and cumbersome task, involving the tedious management of CSV files and the risk of data inaccuracies. Yet, it’s a vital process for ensuring that your HubSpot account is populated with the most recent and relevant connections, laying the groundwork for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized outreach.

Thankfully, the era of manual labor is coming to an end with innovative solutions that promise to import LinkedIn contacts with a level of ease that was once a mere dream. Whether you choose to leverage cutting-edge tools or stick to traditional methods, the end goal remains the same: a HubSpot account rich with connections that can be nurtured into fruitful relationships.

Utilize Hublead Chrome Extension

Step into the future of contact management with Hublead’s Chrome extension, a tool that revolutionizes the way we import LinkedIn profiles into HubSpot. A single click is all it takes to sync a contact, catapulting them directly into your CRM without the hassle of manual data entry. HubLead’s AI is the maestro behind the scenes, ensuring that each data point, from job titles to company domains, is accurate and up-to-date.

When you encounter a familiar face in the vast LinkedIn network, HubLead intelligently identifies if a match exists within your HubSpot CRM, prompting you to either merge with an existing contact or create a new entry. This not only maintains the integrity of your database but also sets the stage for meaningful engagement by bringing LinkedIn interactions into the centralized CRM system.

Manual Import Process

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, the manual import process remains an option. It involves the following steps:

  1. Set up custom properties in HubSpot to mirror the data fields from LinkedIn, ensuring that when the contacts arrive, they do so with accurate information that reflects their LinkedIn presence.
  2. Request an archive of your LinkedIn connections.
  3. Meticulously prepare the CSV file to align with HubSpot’s specifications.

Once your contacts are organized and verified for precision, they’re ready to be imported into HubSpot as a static list. This extra step of verification is crucial to maintain data accuracy and uniformity, allowing you to manage and engage with your contacts confidently, knowing that the information you rely on is as accurate as it is actionable.

Automate Your Marketing with LinkedIn and HubSpot

Illustration of automated content sharing between LinkedIn and HubSpot

The magic of marketing automation is that it turns time-consuming tasks into a symphony of synchronized actions, and the integration between LinkedIn and HubSpot is the conductor of this orchestra. Automated workflows can be set up to handle everything from managing LinkedIn ad campaigns to sharing content, empowering you to focus on the creative and strategic aspects of your role. This harmony between platforms not only saves time but also ensures that your marketing efforts are cohesive and consistent.

Whether you’re adding new contacts or analyzing the performance of your LinkedIn ad campaigns, HubSpot’s ads tool provides a comprehensive overview that brings clarity to your campaigns’ impact on your business. By organizing contacts into static lists post-import, you set the stage for efficient handling and targeted marketing automation that resonates with your audience.

Share HubSpot Blog Posts on LinkedIn

Imagine your latest HubSpot blog post, a masterpiece of insights and expertise, automatically gracing the feeds of your LinkedIn followers. This is the reality of HubSpot’s auto-publish feature, which allows you to share new articles on your LinkedIn company page or personal profile without lifting a finger. The setup is a breeze, and once complete, your articles are shared just 15 minutes after publication, complete with a catchy title, a compelling link, and an eye-catching featured image.

The result is a streamlined content distribution process that not only amplifies your voice but also strengthens your brand presence on LinkedIn. By leveraging the interconnectedness of these two platforms, your articles reach a wider audience, sparking conversations and engagements that drive your marketing objectives forward.

Create LinkedIn Updates from HubSpot Activities

Extend the reach of your HubSpot activities into your LinkedIn network with updates that are automatically triggered by specific actions, such as new contacts being added or form submissions. This integration creates a ripple effect, where one action in HubSpot generates a wave of engagement on LinkedIn, keeping your network informed and interested in what’s happening in your world.

Utilizing HubLead alongside LinkedIn, these automated activities can encompass a range of updates, from celebrating new partnerships to sharing insights on industry trends. Each update becomes a touchpoint, an opportunity to engage and nurture your LinkedIn connections, ensuring that your business remains top-of-mind. With the ability to automatically update HubSpot, you can further streamline your marketing efforts.

Manage LinkedIn Tasks on the Go with HubSpot Mobile App

Illustration of a smartphone with LinkedIn and HubSpot logos

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to manage tasks on the go is not just convenient; it’s crucial. With the HubSpot mobile app, your LinkedIn Sales Navigator tasks are always within reach, allowing you to:

  • Send InMails
  • Send connection requests
  • View and manage your leads and accounts
  • Access your Sales Navigator Inbox
  • Receive real-time notifications

To tap into this mobile prowess, you’ll need a paid LinkedIn Sales Navigator account and the necessary integration with your HubSpot account.

The app guides you seamlessly through the process, from navigating to the tasks section to tapping on the Send InMail or Send Connection Request options. It’s a streamlined experience that keeps you connected, enabling you to maintain momentum in your networking efforts while on the move.

When you’re ready to send a connection request, the HubSpot app simplifies the process, redirecting you to the LinkedIn app with the contact’s name already in place, making it easier than ever to grow your professional network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do automated LinkedIn updates from HubSpot activities require additional setup within HubSpot?

Yes, automated LinkedIn updates from HubSpot activities require specific workflows to be set up within HubSpot to trigger these updates based on desired activities.

Can I manage LinkedIn Sales Navigator tasks through the HubSpot mobile app without the LinkedIn app installed?

No, it is recommended to have the LinkedIn app installed to manage LinkedIn Sales Navigator tasks effectively through the HubSpot mobile app, as the app will redirect to LinkedIn for certain actions.

How often are HubSpot blog posts shared on LinkedIn after setting up automatic sharing?

After setting up automatic sharing, HubSpot blog posts are shared on LinkedIn 15 minutes after being published on your website. This feature is useful for immediate and efficient sharing.

Is the HubLead Chrome extension necessary for importing LinkedIn contacts into HubSpot?

No, the HubLead Chrome extension is not necessary, but it provides a convenient, time-saving solution for importing LinkedIn contacts into HubSpot. It simplifies the process and helps ensure data accuracy.

Can I use LinkedIn Sales Navigator without a HubSpot account?

Yes, you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator without a HubSpot account, but integrating it with HubSpot enhances its capabilities.

Bastien Paul
Bastien Paul
Bastien is the CRO of Hublead. With over 5 years in marketing and sales, using Hubspot, Bastien has written several studies and marketing guides based on data, many of which are well-known in the industry. Bastien likes to question standard marketing and sales beliefs and aims to make things simpler and more efficient.
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