Track your sales funnel performance

Gain insights into your sales process and discover how to optimize each stage for better conversions. Dive in to understand the key metrics that drive your success.
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Import LinkedIn contacts to HubSpot CRM

Measure the number of LinkedIn contacts

Hublead tags contacts when they are imported, and you can generate a weekly report in HubSpot to track the number of contacts imported.

HubSpot LinkedIn Messages report

View number of conversations per sales rep

Draw reports on HubSpot and check how many conversations you engaged with new prospects.

Sync LinkedIn invitations to HubSpot

Log LinkedIn invites status in HubSpot

View LinkedIn invites status from HubSpot contacts, lists or reports and get notifications when a new prospect accept your invite.

hubspot reporting linkedin outreach funnel

Track your conversion funnel

Thanks to our dashboard you can now track your funnel and identify where your conversion rate drops.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Hublead log LinkedIn invites?
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LinkedIn invites are collected automatically while you're browsing LinkedIn or Sales Navigator. We log every LinkedIn invitation sent and accepted as a custom event on HubSpot so you can create reports and lists in HubSpot.

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