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The days of relying heavily on sales are over. Hublead helps your team import accurate information and spend less time copy pasting data from LinkedIn to HubSpot. That way, they can move fast and hit their goals.

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Your sales and marketing targets both suffer when there are gaps in your go-to-market processes. Create a unified process that’s best in class—and that converts—by getting teams and tools in lockstep.

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Squeaky-clean data hygiene

Get the full story from your data by ensuring the right properties are in the right systems. Gain insights faster, proactively flag anomalies, align your teams, and make strategy adjustments weekly—not monthly or quarterly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information Hublead imports when I add a new contact?
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Hublead will import:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Job title
  • Profile picture
  • City
  • Country
  • LinkedIn URL
Can I use our own LinkedIn URL Property?
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Currently, it's not possible to utilize your own LinkedIn URL property within our system; we exclusively use the "LinkedIn Profile URL (Hublead)" property we generate. However, you can transfer the data from your property to ours either by setting up a workflow or by exporting your data to a CSV file and then importing it into our property.

How do you prevent from deduplicate contacts?
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Whenever you open a LinkedIn contact, we search in your HubSpot if the contact exists already. We search according to a mix of these variables: First name, Last name, Job title, Company name, Website URL, Email & Phone email.

Do you create a new company for every new contact imported?
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It depends, when importing contacts, we search in HubSpot if the company already exists in your CRM thanks to website URL. If it does exist, we just import the contact and associates the contact to the company, otherwise we create the company.

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